Goodheart is a joint venture between Pamela Zarubica & Peter Dumont.


Pam’s mother’s maiden name was Goodheart. Pamela grew up in LA in the 50’s, grew out as a teenager in Hollywood in the 60’s. She found her way to the Sunset Strip, worked at the Whisky A Go Go, hung at the Trip & the Troubador. She met & knew the early legends of rock’n’roll: Phil Spector, Frank Zappa, Tim Hardin, Neil Young, Bill Graham, Arthur Lee, Tom Wilson, Jim Morrison, Lenny Bruce, Jimi Hendrix, Roger Waters, Taj Mahal, Captain Beefheart.

She was the original Suzy Creamcheese appearing on stage & on the early albums with the Mothers of Invention. She lived in New York with Frank & Gail when Moon was a baby. In the late 60’s she came to London on tour with the Mothers & jumped ship soon after. She has lived in London ever since, working a stall in Portobello Market and developing her skills as a healer & spirit medium, initially with animals and more recently with humans.


After half a lifetime working in film & tv, in his late 40’s Pete was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s. This sent him on a journey that led to Pam’s door. Born from an American mother and immersed in the music coming out of the US from the 60’s, Pete shares common ground with Pam.

And they both love television.





” Television does not have to be cheap, depressing and second-rate.It is a beautiful medium, capable of anything and everything the human imagination can conceive. It can be whatever we want it to be.”

  1. Nadeem August 11, 2012 at 9:07 am

    Dear ,

    i visit your blog its all about you and interesting if you are on facebook will you please join me there that is my best contact medium you can find me with this email address ….. nadim00786@gmail.com …… i really keen to know about spiritual things if they help me to sort out my problems and make my vision more and more wide …..

    internet . tv and other media are full of that information which you share with me mostly i forget and remember when someone talk about that..

    Really nice meeting we did you are kind and loving person and i want to meet you again …

    Have a good time hope we will see eachother on facebook and sometime face to face …

    Best regards


  2. John Taylor November 20, 2012 at 12:52 am

    Is this the Pamela who was in Malaga in 1967?
    Franco took some of our time away!

  3. Philip Morris October 17, 2013 at 10:19 am

    How are you?

  4. Valentina January 23, 2015 at 2:39 pm

    Pam! I have lost your letter and your number, hope somehow to reach you and contact you by e-mail, I miss you.

  5. Jessica March 7, 2015 at 1:03 pm

    Pamela please get in touch regarding a lovely young gardener you know

    Jess x

  6. Johnny Bouchier March 27, 2015 at 7:47 pm

    Hello again Pamela
    Lovely to meet you today at Golders Green Crem. I would love to talk further. Let’s catch up.

  7. Christene Lynn April 30, 2015 at 5:06 pm

    mail me Pam if you need any help (on a voluntary basis) xx

  8. Whitey C. August 12, 2015 at 11:22 pm

    I was a good friend of Pam’s at Pepperdine….we spent some fun times together. She dated my roomie and best friend, Dave D. I met her dad once at the home of a friend of my family’s in San Pedro. I thought he was a decent guy at that time….he was very worried about Pam at that time (about 1963 or 4). Pam ended up leaving school and going on her adventure…she couldn’t have been much older than18. I went on to complete my degree, get married, become a school principal and live happily ever after. I always wondered whatever happened to Pam.

    I don’t know if you will ever read this Pam, but I always thought of you as one of the most unique people I have ever known. I remember well the night you spent chatting with me in my new apartment right after I got married. I think that was the last time we saw one another…that was 1965. I don’t want to post my email on here but I will look back and see if you leave a note for me. Whitey

    • petedumont August 30, 2015 at 10:40 am

      Whitey, I am over the moon to hear from you. Please do get in touch, love you.Pam

      • Whitey March 8, 2016 at 1:14 am

        Get my Christmas card?

  9. Doug Dawkins September 14, 2015 at 3:24 am

    Pam: Like Whitey, I have often wondered what had happened to you. The short time I spent with you at Pepperdine (64-65) was so memorable, it’s deeply ingrained in my mind. You took me under your wing, and got my feet firmly planted. I knew that whatever you were doing, it would be special, and that you’d be wonderful at it. I am so happy to have found your website!
    All the best,

  10. Tamar Griggs January 10, 2016 at 3:53 am

    Hi Pam,

    I was shipwrecked off the coast of Spain in 1967 with a bunch of Danes on a 66-foot Ketch, the Josefine. There was a “Suzy Creamcheese” on board, who fled the ship the moment we hit ground. Franco was in power, and the Guardia Civil watched our ship 24 hours a day pacing the shore with machine guns over their shoulders. “Suzy Creamcheese” was smart to leave. I stayed with the Josefine for the next 1/2 year getting her off the beach and repaired and sailing to the Canary Islands, pumping the entire way.

    This couldn’t possibly have been you, could it? Suzy was always a mystery!

    I have some photos of the shipwreck and it would be fun to find out what happened to everyone on board. I hope very much to hear from you. Best Wishes, Tamar

  11. pauline butcher bird October 2, 2016 at 10:21 pm

    I don’t see the point of this page if Pamela doesn’t bother to answer.

  12. Mona August 20, 2017 at 7:48 am

    This is Mona from Pepperdine days Ray Meeker’s girlfriend, later wife briefly.
    He was Bill Waldrop’s roommate, I was watching, Don Henly on Austin City Lmits
    on PBS to TV tonight and thought of you.
    I looked you up on the Internet a few times over the years but never found you
    you. I heard all kinds of stories about you on and off over the years in LA and
    you’ve always been a person who stayed with me in my mind reminding me that there
    Is always another road to take, another way to be after I heard a story about you
    and the Pepperdine chick from Chicago ( can’t recall her name) dumping Pepperdine
    Going off on a journey to Europe.
    Who knows whether anything I heard was actually true or not but it certainly was
    so God bless you Pam and thanks.

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