Goodheart is a joint venture between Pamela Zarubica & Peter Dumont.


Pam’s mother’s maiden name was Goodheart. Pamela grew up in LA in the 50’s, grew out as a teenager in Hollywood in the 60’s. She found her way to the Sunset Strip, worked at the Whisky A Go Go, hung at the Trip & the Troubador. She met & knew the early legends of rock’n’roll: Phil Spector, Frank Zappa, Tim Hardin, Neil Young, Bill Graham, Arthur Lee, Tom Wilson, Jim Morrison, Lenny Bruce, Jimi Hendrix, Roger Waters, Taj Mahal, Captain Beefheart.

She was the original Suzy Creamcheese appearing on stage & on the early albums with the Mothers of Invention. She lived in New York with Frank & Gail when Moon was a baby. In the late 60’s she came to London on tour with the Mothers & jumped ship soon after. She has lived in London ever since, working a stall in Portobello Market and developing her skills as a healer & spirit medium, initially with animals and more recently with humans.


After half a lifetime working in film & tv, in his late 40’s Pete was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s. This sent him on a journey that led to Pam’s door. Born from an American mother and immersed in the music coming out of the US from the 60’s, Pete shares common ground with Pam.

And they both love television.





” Television does not have to be cheap, depressing and second-rate.It is a beautiful medium, capable of anything and everything the human imagination can conceive. It can be whatever we want it to be.”