Pete and Pam are proud to announce that we finished the movie project and nobody died

  • we spent a lot of money we don’t have
  • we booked a cinema and at all 3 screenings people laughed, cried, stood & cheered
  • Goodheart is unique, intense, powerful & uplifting and plays beautifully at home on the big screen

We are seeking the right person/s & a bit of support to get the film out there so it can be seen.

“What a truly wonderful and deeply moving film. I can’t stop thinking about it.
I found it uplifting, inspiring and fascinating. Loved the “nod” to French New Wave filmmakers.
Thank you for opening your ‘goodhearts’ so generously and courageously. Send this film to everyone, send it to Harvey Weinstein. Everyone should see this film.”
(audience member)

“I loved the film. It was touching and original, quirky and profound : said so much in an unpretentious way I felt. Also beautifully shot and put together. Terrific!
Thank you for including me in your audience – it was a privilege to be there”
(audience member)

“Mortality, fear, and all the ecstasy and frustrations of being alive”
(John Mister, documentary editor)

“Just watched your film. Glad I didn’t just watch a bit (as you suggested), but sat thru the whole thing. Wow, well done, Pete. That is a real achievement. At times early on, I was thinking, ‘ Where’s this going?’ or ‘Come on, get on with it’, but then I just gave in and was really drawn in. You’re both very natural on screen so it was so easy just to listen to and watch. But then I loved the way it started to connect, and with a deceptively light touch. By the end I was enchanted and moved.Part of me wanted more of you. The story of your mum is so powerful, I wanted to follow it up. But then I thought its economy is what makes it work.There is obviously an hour version to be made, but then it wouldn’t be this. And this is terrific.”
(Oliver Parker, film director)